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 Developing a framework for short-term and long-term decision making that supports your organization's mission and goals 


Population Health Management Program Consulting

We provide a full range of consulting services related to population health management programs, including both wellness and disease management.  We have successfully implemented these programs in a variety of settings, including corporate, and public sector environments and multi-employer health benefits consortiums.

Our service offering is scalable to accommodate the individual needs of our clients but typically includes:

· Client needs assessment

· Program design and development

· Vendor evaluation, selection and implementation

· Communication strategy development and implementation

· Program implementation support

· Program performance measurement

In addition to developing and implementing new population health management programs, we have become experts at identifying performance gaps in existing programs and developing plans of action to improve program effectiveness.

Consumer Driven Health Plan Consulting

Implementing a consumer driven health plan (CDHP) is fraught with potential pitfalls, and errors in strategy or execution can easily result in failure.  Since the birth of these plans, we have provided CDHP consulting services for health plans and both private sector and public sector plan sponsors.  The services we provide in connection with these plans include:

· Establishment of plan objectives

· Strategy formulation and program development

· Vendor evaluation, selection and implementation

· Actuarial evaluation and plan pricing

· Plan document and summary plan description development, including HRA or HSA

· Employee communication material development

· Employee meetings

In addition to developing and implementing CDHPs, we assist our clients in meeting the ongoing regulatory compliance requirements associated with these plans.

Healthcare Quality Assessment and Improvement

A strong connection exists between the quality of health care and the cost of healthcare.  We recognized this fundamental principle when our firm was founded in 1990, and we have worked with health plans, plan sponsors and healthcare providers for nearly 20 years on developing and implementing leading edge approaches to measuring and improving the quality of healthcare.

Our approach to healthcare quality assessment and improvement is both transparent and collaborative, which greatly enhances acceptance of our findings by healthcare providers and fosters a sense of solidarity among stakeholders.  The techniques we employ enable us to identify gaps in clinical quality along numerous dimensions and at various levels, such as hospital, hospital department and even individual physician.

In addition to identifying gaps in clinical quality, we have been very successful in developing and implementing long-term continuous quality improvement programs that benefit our clients, the provider community, and the community at large.


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